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Your ship has been capsized and you are stranded on a deserted Island.

Is there any hope of rescue?


The goal is to survive as long as possible.

space = jump
f = kick
g = punch
r = roll(while crouching puts out fire)/rotate(while standing turns around)
t = take(grab items off the ground)/throw(moving)/drop(standing still)
u = use(cut with the knife while crouching)/eat
p = pause
w = walk(hold to walk)
left = left
right = right
down = crouch

One life will be lost if you get knocked over; by tripping, running into something, or having something run into you.

If you catch on fire you will lose life until the fire is put out.

If your head is below water you will gradually lose life.

You will lose one life at noon/midnight and at the change of day/night and night/day.

Throw the knife at the tree to get sticks and knock down the coconut.

Once the coconut is knocked down a new coconut will grow the next morning.

Cut the coconut in half by crouching next to it and using the knife.

Pick up and use the coconut halves to restore one life.

You can get up to three sticks at one time.

Stack two or more sticks next to a rock and strike the rock with the knife to create sparks. If the sparks hit the sticks with at least one stick in a leaning position it will catch on fire.

Throw the knife at the crab or the bird to get meat.

Don't eat the meat raw. Put the meat on the fire to cook it and be careful not to burn it. Get it on the fire quickly before it spoils.

While it is raining you will lose one health for every ten raindrops you are hit by.

Enjoy meeting all the dangerous and interesting creatures in Norman's Land!


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